Barrington's White House

With support from electrical contracting partner Scott Swayze, vice president of McWilliams Electric Co. Inc., Schaumburg, Ill., all old mechanical parts and pieces were removed. New panels and service to the building were installed, down to the conduit and wire. This effort involved everything from lighting fixtures, switches and outlets to lightning protection and fire alarm systems.

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Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory, the largest national science and engineering research laboratory in the Midwest, hired McWilliams to design and install a Green Energy solar field. McWilliams Electric installed 3 different Manufacturer’s Photovoltaic Modules incorporating both mono crystal and thin film technologies. Boasting 93 kW DC Nameplate Capacity the system is intended to be a platform for the development and study of future photovoltaic system technologies

John G. Shedd Aquarium

McWilliams provided the electrical work for the single largest indoor marine mammal facility in the world at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. Not only was the electrical installation performed by McWilliams Electric but so too was the design. During the design process McWilliams designed a seasonal timing and intensity lighting system for mammalian habitats. Due to the drive for perfection at the Shedd Aquarium McWilliams Electric received the 1991 Chicago Lighting Institute’s Award for lighting excellence.

Fenton Community High School

In 2015, McWilliams began the electrical renovation of Fenton Community High School located in Bensenville Illinois.

Curtis Granderson Stadium

Throughout the last three decades, McWilliams Electric has worked extensively with the University of Illinois at Chicago performing maintenance, renovations, installation and design all across the college’s campus. Most recently, The University of Illinois at Chicago completed the ground up construction of The Curtis Granderson Stadium in 2015 with the help of McWilliams Electric Inc., Co. From the heated Baseball dugouts to the stadium lighting and even the closed circuit networking to the stadium, all electrical work was proudly designed and installed by McWilliams Electric

McAninch Arts Center

McWilliams performed a very large remodeling project of electrical and telecommunications work within the College of DuPage’s McAninch Arts Center. The McAninch Arts Center or better known as “The MAC,” is a building which touts over 1.5 million visitors since its creation in 1981.