Green Energy

Today in the United States the demand for Sustainable Energy is at an all-time high. McWilliams Electric can help you Design, Build and Maintain a Renewable Energy Solution, as well as build a financial model including any applicable grants or rebates to help your bottom line.

We understand high upfront costs often get in the way of moving toward a more sustainable approach to power. Fortunately, Building Owners can use NECA ECAP to develop, insure, and finance their energy projects. Let us walk you through what it takes to "Go Green."

Solar Photovoltaic

  • Solar Energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth.
  • Solar PV is an economical solution with low maintenance costs.
  • We offer service and maintenance plans for Solar PV arrays.

Wind Generation

  • Most components of US Wind Turbines are made in America.
  • Some form of wind power is utilized in all 50 states.
  • Continues to generate electricity overnight in the absence of light.

LED Lighting Retrofit

  • LED Lighting uses less than 50% of the power required by conventional lighting.
  • Many rebates are available from local utility companies.
  • Fast, effective way to boost a building’s energy performance.

Lithium Ion Battery Storage

  • Solar PV energy is stored for usage when there is no sunlight.
  • Can be deployed as part of a micro-grid system.
  • Forward-thinking technology.